High Performance Power Supplies
  • 5 High current rectifier
    7V – 6500A
  • 1 Transformers
  • 4 MOSAIC System
    Modular CIME HPPS
  • 3 Cyclotron Power Supply
    Driver Amplifier
  • 2 RF Final Amplifier
    Anode Power Supply



JEMA will supply 9 control units for the high voltage cable industry.


Since beginning of 2013, JEMA received orders of 3 new modular power supply systems (CIME-MOSAIC) to equip the new PT’s centrums beam line for IBA; These modular power supplies (CIME-MOSAIC) will deliver stabilized direct current at 10 exp -4 precision for between 16 et 44 dipoles et quadrupoles by installed system. Today, 3 sites are already in operation.


The power supply for the transport of the low energy beam to be installed in the prototype of the ambitious European research project ‘MYRRHA’ was delivered in Grenoble. Upon other activities, this project is focussed on the possibility of reduce drastically the radioactive waste life time by transmutation.


Cegelec receives 3 double battery chargers of 5 to 10 kW for the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Sumitomo Heavy Industry Japan purchases two high performance DC installations to be included in the supply their PT centrums particle accelerators.


GDF Suez orders a 300 kVA transformer for the generator of Pfreimd power plant in Germany.


The Curie Institute acquires a new regulated JEMA power supply, identical of the 2011 order.


JEMA supplies 3 rapid chargers of 80 kW for a touristic train.


JEMA welcome a delegation of the Seoul protontherapy centre– South Korea – for a training giving the opportunity for the Korean engineers to manage the next 10 years maintenance, following the 10 first year of operations without preoccupation.

The Specialist in high performance DC power supplies and made to measure coil-based products.

For a number of decades, the company JEMA (also known under the name JEMA Elec) has been the uncontested Belgian specialist in high performance DC power supplies while remaining a benchmark in the production of made to measure coil-based dry and resistance transformers.

JEMA's high performance DC power supplies contribute daily to the treatment of hundreds of patients in numerous proton therapy treatment centres (cancer treatment by proton beams) in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Generally, and beyond a strong presence in the medical technology sector, JEMA direct current power supplies have applications in numerous sectors relying on particle accelerators (research laboratories, industrial or food sterilisation...) and in the most demanding industrial fields (thin film vapour deposition – pvd, polymerisation...)..

JEMA also designs and produces all types of rectifiers, battery chargers and cathodic protection, which are used in numerous sectors in infrastructure or industry. Furthermore, the experience acquired by JEMA since the end of the 1930s in the design and production of coil-based products allows us to respond to all your needs for one-off items and small or medium-sized series of dry transformers and resistances.

The design, production and tests for all these products are carried out at our premises located in the Einstein science park, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), close to the university centre.

JEMA in partnership with its clients and suppliers, in collaboration with universities, industrial partners and with the assistance of the Walloon Region develops new products with increased performance and better adapted to the requirements of international and environmental standards.